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Cutting Edge Surgical Expertise in
Joint Replacement Surgery

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery


With over 15 years of professional experience in our medical specialty, we perform together an annual average of 450 hip and knee replacement surgeries, with more than 5,000 postoperative cases to date, accompanied by a team of internists , anesthesiologists and other clinical areas, nurses and physiotherapists, in order to provide comprehensive and personalized care to each of our patients.
Our experience is supported by more than 5000 postoperative cases to date. In addition, we have extensive experience and professional activity in different medical centers and hospitals in Mexico.

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Our medical services are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of articular damage about the hip or knee caused by various medical problems let them be traumatic, acute or chronic. The most commonly encountered medical problems seen in our practice are:

Medical services we provide for the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.


Educational Info

We offer different videos and educational documents for you to learn about the medical procedures we perform and understand some of the issues or medical terms that you can find unfamiliar, our intention is to involve our patients in an educational manner and thus provide a better patient experience.
Explore our section of educational information and learn about the different medical procedures we perform in joint replacement surgery, we have instructional videos and text files for you to download.

See our frequently asked questions or educational information sections.

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Patient Stories

We are well aware that there are few difficult moments in a person’s life that tough decisions have to be made regarding surgical procedures, no one really enjoys being a subject of a surgical procedure, but when pain limits your physical activity and compromises your quality of life, then one of these procedures might be de answer and become completely necessary. Be confident of our medical expertise in this field; place your health in our hands, you will most likely become one more of our many successful cases and you will be more than satisfied once we bring movement back into your life.
Alicia Quiñonez Martínez:
"In the year 2005 my right hip started to hurt, with the passage of time, pain became progressively unbearable even though I was on strong pain killers. I attended my appointment with Dr. Isaac Cervantes who oriented me and recommended a hip replacement because my hip was severely damaged by arthritis. I finally decided that Dr. Cervantes perform the surgical procedure and had it done the 30th of June of 2009.

My friends, please don’t be scared to follow these steps because in my case, since the first day after surgery, all pain disappeared and I didn’t suffer from any discomfort at all. The day after surgery I took my first few steps with help of a physiotherapist and comfortably sat on an easy chair, 2 days after surgery I started walking in the hallway with help of a metallic walker and the third day I was discharged. 3 weeks after surgery I was walking without any kind of aid. At present I don’t feel any kind of pain or discomfort, you can´t even fell the implant, surgery was a complete success; I want to share this experience with anybody who suffers from joint pain and is too frightened to go ahead and accept a surgical procedure of this magnitude to alleviate pain. I am sure Dr. Cervantes will take good care of you like he did with me. Thank you Dr. Cervantes for your dedication and professionalism.

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