Patient Stories

We are well aware that there are few difficult moments in a person’s life that tough decisions have to be made regarding surgical procedures, no one really enjoys being a subject of a surgical procedure, but when pain limits your physical activity and compromises your quality of life, then one of these procedures might be de answer and become completely necessary. Be confident of our medical expertise in this field; place your health in our hands, you will most likely become one more of our many successful cases and you will be more than satisfied once we bring movement back into your life.

Alicia Quiñonez Martínez

"In the year 2005 my right hip started to hurt, with the passage of time, pain became progressively unbearable even though I was on strong pain killers. I attended my appointment with Dr. Isaac Cervantes who oriented me and recommended a hip replacement because my hip was severely damaged by arthritis. I finally decided that Dr. Cervantes perform the surgical procedure and had it done the 30th of June of 2009.

My friends, please don’t be scared to follow these steps because in my case, since the first day after surgery, all pain disappeared and I didn’t suffer from any discomfort at all. The day after surgery I took my first few steps with help of a physiotherapist and comfortably sat on an easy chair, 2 days after surgery I started walking in the hallway with help of a metallic walker and the third day I was discharged. 3 weeks after surgery I was walking without any kind of aid. At present I don’t feel any kind of pain or discomfort, you can´t even fell the implant, surgery was a complete success; I want to share this experience with anybody who suffers from joint pain and is too frightened to go ahead and accept a surgical procedure of this magnitude to alleviate pain. I am sure Dr. Cervantes will take good care of you like he did with me. Thank you Dr. Cervantes for your dedication and professionalism."


"I used to have a marked deformity on my knee that caused severe pain and made me feel handicapped because I walked with a serious limp. All this was causing me trouble in my job as a salesman. I consulted with various orthopedic surgeons and every one of them agreed that the only option available was to fuse my knee straight because I was too young for a knee replacement. Finally someone recommended Dr. Stefan Martínez van Gils and he was the only one who offered me a chance for a knee replacement to correct my deformity.

Since the day of my surgery I´m free of pain, I can walk as a normal person, if you saw me waling on the street you wouldn’t even notice that I have a knee replacement and that I used to be almost handicapped, I am happy because I lead a normal life, I got promoted at work, I exercise every day, I go out on my bike 3 times a week, I don’t take any pain meds and I can watch my two beautiful daughters grow up being the complete and responsible dad that know I am. Thank you Dr. Martínez!!!

Sara Luz Sepúlveda Neve

"By the year 2007 I could not walk, it had been months since I had had a descent night sleep and there wasn´t any pain killer strong enough to help me diminish the excruciating pain affecting my right hip. I consulted with Dr. Cervantes Orosco and he explained that my right hip was completely gone secondary to a congenital malformation of my hip, he also stated that the only option to control pain and regain movement was a surgical procedure consisting in removing what was left of my diseased hip and substituting it with an artificial hip prosthesis. I was in shock I was so terrified, but the easy, humane and detailed manner in which he explained everything, inspired in me enough confidence to go ahead with the surgical procedure. Once I decided, it was all up to Dr. Cervantes.

I had my surgery on the 23rd of April 2009 and everything went perfect, 2 weeks later he removed the stitches and by the middle of June I was go about doing my usual activities. At present I consider myself the happiest grandmother alive, I can walk, go up and down the stairs, I enjoy my family and friends I can go shopping and on day trips and the best part is that I don’t even feel my new implant. I consider myself lucky to have had my surgery done by Dr. Cervantes it was a wonderful experience and as long as I live I’ll be grateful form the bottom of my heart. Thank you Dr. Cervantes for being here and changing my life."

Enedina M.

"For many years I suffered pain on both my hips as a consequence of cartilage wasting until I could feel the ever present painful bone on bone friction on my hips, I was terrified of the mere thought of surgery and I even suffered from severe gastritis because of all the pain medications I was taking. I saw many specialists and none of them inspired me trust until I met Dr. Stefan Martínez van Gils who inspired me all the trust I needed with his vast experience at such a short age and his simple and honest way to explain things.

I did so well with my first hip replacement that a couple of months later I had my second hip done and now I lead a perfectly normal life. Dr. Martínez: You are a star!!!.

Graciela Hermosillo Rodríguez

"I was diagnosed with severe cartilage degeneration on both of my hips and was suffering from progressive pain to the point that walking became a difficult task, I was on strong pain medications and physiotherapy and they weren´t working. I even stopped walking altogether and because of inactivity I even started gaining weight. A friend of mine recommended that I see Dr. Cervantes and Dr. Stefan and once I met them I was in their hands. They evaluated my case and proposed hip replacement surgery in both of my legs, I accepted immediately because they both inspired trust and professionalism. I had my left hip done on November 3rd 2007 and I was gladly surprised that everything went smoothly and pain disappeared after a few days. My recovery was swift and after a few weeks I was strong enough to walk, climb stairs and do housework. Because my experience with Dr. Martínez and Dr. Cervantes was so good I decided to have my right hip done on the 20th of February 2009 and it also went well and without setbacks.

At present I am without pain and I enjoy life, I can do all of my daily living activities without any problems, I am active again and I have lost 56 pounds which has obviously increased my self esteem. From the bottom of my heart all my thanks to these two wonderful doctors."

Antonio Magallón Moreno

"For many years I had to live with pain in both of my knees until it became constant and progressively worse, I had to seek help from my Family Practitioner and he prescribed pain killers which helped for a couple of years, but with the passage of time I had to use stronger and stronger medications until none of them worked, it was then that he sent me to the Specialized Medical Center belonging to my social security policy and I was assigned to Dr. Isaac Cervantes. He explained that the problem was caused by severe cartilage wasting in both of my knees and that the only option was to have a bilateral knee replacement.

Dr. Cervantes operated on my right knee on June 19th 2007, my knee replacement was a success and my recovery was swift, even pain on my left knee got better for a while, but after 2 years my left knee got worse and because I had had such a wonderful experience with my right knee, I decided to have a 2nd knee replacement. I was scheduled for surgery at the “Hospital de Traumatología y Ortopedia Lomas Verdes” the specialized medical center belonging to my social insurance policy and on July 19th 2009 I was operated by Dr. Cervante´s closest friend and colleague Dr. Stefan Martínez van Gils, and needless to say: everything went perfect. I now lead a life without pain and that is why I have a lot to thank my social insurance program, Dr. Cervantes and Dr. Martínez for their attention, dedication and professionalism."

María Eugenia Guzmán Ortega

"I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and because of the disease, it affected the cartilage of my right hip, pain was so severe that I couldn’t walk anymore and I couldn´t lead a normal life in what I feel was my most productive stage in life, I fell into a profound depression seeing that I couldn´t even take care of myself. It was then that I met Dr. Cervantes who inspired trust, responsibility and compromise which I was looking for; I sensed that he was a dedicated and humane physician.

I placed my life in his hands and my surgery was scheduled on the 30th of September 2008, thanks to his expertise everything went according to planed. My life is now back to normal, I can now look after my kids and my husband, I can walk normally and without pain, I can swim and I can even dance which I love to do!! Thanks Dr. Cervantes for helping me better my quality of life. "