Bertha Tsuchiya

When I started to have problems with my hip I consulted various specialists and all of them told me that I needed my hip replaced. One of my sons recommended me to seek Dr. Stefan Martínez van Gils and that is why I went to his doctor´s office. Since the first appointment he inspired trust and I decided to go ahead with is proposed surgical procedure. I had my hip replaced in November 2005, my surgery was magnificent and soon I started walking normally and without pain.

Two years ago I had my left hip replaced and now it is also perfect. Now I lead a normal life, a work, do my house choirs, I swim almost every day, in the gym I work out on the cross country machine, I don´t use a cane and I feel just fine. Thanks t Dr. Stefan for a second chance on life!!!"

Alejandra Ochoa Jiménez

"I was used to years of living in constant knee pain, and as time went by, pain became progressively worse, walking became difficult and my knees started to bow until I wasn´t able to walk anymore than a few steps. I started to become inactive, I started to gain weight and I full depended on my family for even the simplest of tasks, medications didn´t work on me anymore. While I was searching for different medical options I met Dr. Isaac Cervantes who explained that the problem with my knees was that there was no more healthy cartilage left and that the only viable option was a knee replacement.

Since my life was in shambles and I couldn´t take the pain anymore and because since the beginning I trusted Dr. Cervantes I accepted the procedure which was done on July 17th 2007. Surgery was a complete success, I was surprised by the fast recovery, my knee was straightened and all pain disappeared, I was so pleased with the result that I didn´t doubt in having my other knee replaced. My second knee replacement was done by Dr. Cervantes in August 7th 2008 and just as in my first surgery everything went great, in fact my recovery was even faster than the first time. I am active again, I can take care of myself and my family and with these two surgeries a new life came along. Thank you Dr. Cervantes for bringing movement back into my life."

Bertha Yolanda Benavente

"I started with right hip pain 4 years ago and I was diagnosed with hip arthritis. After four years of treatment, pain was getting worse and limiting my daily activities so a friend of mine recommended me to see Dr. Stefan Martínez van Gils and immediately I decided to have my hip replaced by him. I was operated on Tuesday, on Wednesday they sat me on an easy chair during the day and I started on exercises, on Thursday Dr. Martínez and his staff helped me get on my feet and started walking with help of a walker, that same Thursday they sent me home, and on Friday I stopped using all pain medications and I haven´t needed them ever since.

I think it was a wonderful surgery, and now I go about life in a normal fashion, I don’t have any pain, I swim daily and I drive my car which is standard with a gear shift. Thank you Dr. Martínez for bringing my life back!!, and I also would like to thank him for his humane treatment and compassion."

Alicia Anabelle Téllez Ortiz

"On my 52nd birthday I stared feeling some discomfort and mild pain on my right hip but I didn´t pay much attention to it, as time went by the pain in my hip became progressively worse and I started limping, I consulted different doctors who prescribed stronger and stronger pain medications but pain continued to get worse. I consulted with Dr. Isaac Cervantes who studied my case and explained that I had a disease called Avascular Necrosis of the Hip; that the disease had destroyed all of my right hip cartilage and that the only option was a total hip replacement. It was not an easy decision, but I finally agreed. My hip replacement surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Cervantes on the 17th of April 2009, my recovery was fast, I was in and out of the hospital in 3 days and I gained the expected results, I don´t have any more pain and I can do all of my previous activities without problems.

I highly recommend that all people who are in a similar situation as mine to trust these types of surgical procedures because they really do help to lead a life free from pain. Dr. Cervantes thank you and Nice Job!!!".

Gloria Razo

"A few years ago I fell of a horse and suffered a hip fracture, after many sessions of physiotherapy and alternative treatments, after having diverse opinions by many orthopedic surgeons and after doing research on different types of surgical procedures, prosthesis and implants, I decided not to go through a hip replacement.

As time went by, my hip pain became excruciating and I couldn’t even do many simple daily living chores, this obliged me to search for the best surgeon on the field until I found Dr. Stefan Marínez van Gils. After that first appointment all my worries were dissipated and all my fears vanished and I was confident enough to go ahead with a hip replacement. I think that the implant used in me was the ideal implant for my case because I feel great! It´s been a year since my hip was replaced, I can walk naturally, since the third day I started on my exercise program and I haven´t stopped doing them ever since, I´m free of pain and at peace. Well being, tranquility and security has returned back to my life. All my sincere thanks to Dr. Martínez."


"In 2008 when I was 31 years old I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and gradually my joints became progressively affected, specially my right knee. By the year 2011, my right knee had suffered severe cartilage degradation and loss triggering severe and constant pain accompanied by severe limitation on my knee´s range of movement, resulting in impairment to perform simple tasks such as walking, sitting and standing. I could not participate in one of my greatest passions: sports.

For me it was devastating not to be able to walk normally and move freely to the extent of being unable to stand because of severe pain. It is horrible to face a situation like the one I was suffering; Rheumatoid Arthritis is such a crippling disease. During 4 years I sought different medical opinions and tried various treatments without success. Some doctors who evaluated my case told me that because of my age I was not a candidate for total knee replacement surgery.

During a desperate internet search, I came upon the web page and scheduled an appointment with one of the attending specialists. That way I came to meet Dr. Isaac Cervantes who explained that due to the severe wear on my knee, the only available treatment that could relieve my pain and improve my quality of life would be a total knee replacement. Dr. Cervantes clearly and simply explained everything related to the surgery, what to expect, the benefits and risks, he also explained that nowadays there are enough medical advances and newly developed implants suited for young and active patients, and that age is no longer a contraindication for a total knee replacement. After his explanation I felt confident and decided to go ahead with the procedure.

Three months after receiving a total knee replacement on my right knee, I´m walking normally without a cane and without pain, I can swiftly climb up and down the stairs without using the handrails, and I am starting to participate in low and medium impact aerobics, which makes me incredibly happy. I consider 2015 a special year for me, I’m 38 years old and I’m finally back to my normal life without pain or limitations. I thank God for putting Dr. Cervantes and his wonderful team on my path, all of them who helped me regain my health. Dr. Cervantes thank you so much for your professionalism."

Cinthya Vargas Verde

"In 2004 I gave birth to my first daughter, I was 29 years old; that same day my tending physician discovered that I had a rare disease called Trombocytopenic Purpura which is a platelet disease that can result in severe bleeding. I received an aggressive treatment with cortisone for 8 months. After some time, my left hip started to hurt, and then I felt a crack on my right hip. I had an MRI on both hips and my orthopedic surgeon diagnosed Avascular Necrosis of both hips caused by the high doses of cortisone.

I searched for different treatment options in my city and no orthopedist accepted my case, no one wanted to operate, for them, I was too young for a total hip replacement. I spent 5 painful years during which my mobility was reduced considerably. Still, I had my second child. In 2010 when my second child was 6 months old and I was 35, I restarted my search but had the same answer: I was too young to be operated on.

Searching the internet, I found the page of Dr. Stefan Marínez, sent him an e-mail, and that same day I received an answer. The week after that, I scheduled an appointment at his office. After a thorough evaluation Dr. Martínez said I was an ideal candidate for a total hip arthroplasty… finally at last, he gave me Hope. 15 days later in May 2010 I was operated on my right hip, it was an excellent procedure and 2 weeks later I was driving. In October 2010 he operated on my left hip an on December of that same year I was back at being my normal self again. Dr. Stefan and Dr. Isaac are very humane, they tell you clearly what to expect, the support they give us patients is essential for this type of surgery. Today I am 40 years old. 5 years after my second hip replacement I can say that I am completely independent, I am pain free and my mobility is 100% normal, I can dance, I exercise, I travel a lot for my job and I can now enjoy mi kids to the fullest. Thanks Dr. Stefan and Dr. Isaac for your work, I highly recommend them if you have to go through this kind of surgery, if you approach them, there is no doubt in my mind and in my heart the you will find with them what you’re looking for ."